Safe and sustainable transport for rural communities
Safe and sustainable transport for rural communities

Rural Access is Vital

Transport is fundamental to economic growth and the delivery of basic services. Low volume roads are the principal form of transport in the rural parts of most low-income countries. People require access to reach basic services and all kinds of economic and social opportunities. However, an estimated one billion people live further than 2 km from an all-season road. Isolated communities are often left behind in development.

The overall objective of the UK aid-funded Research for Community Access Partnership (ReCAP) is to improve accessibility of the rural poor in Africa and Asia to economic opportunities and social facilities through improvements to infrastructure and transport. The immediate focus is on strengthening the evidence base on more cost effective and reliable low volume road and transport services approaches, thereby influencing policy and practice. ReCAP focuses its activities on Africa and Asia, through the Africa (AfCAP) and Asia (AsCAP) Community Access Partnerships respectively, and builds on previous UK aid-funded research programmes. 

Rural Access is Vital

We are pleased to share with you the Life of ReCAP Programme Report, which was launched by Cardno Emerging Markets (UK) Ltd on Thursday, 10 September 2020, during a live webinar delivered in collaboration with Devex drawing on six years of strategic research implemented by ReCAP.


The Life of ReCAP Programme Report highlights achievements and lessons learnt in rural transport research over the six years of ReCAP's operation. It addresses, among other areas, ReCAP's contribution to the three strategic pillars of design and provision of rural road  infrastructure, its upkeep and maintenance and the transport services running on it. It also highlights ReCAP's strategy to maximise the value of the research and collaboration to embed and take up research outcomes and ensure rural access features on the agenda of the global sustainable transport discourse. 

Leaf through the report here: or download your own copy.

Should you have missed out on the webinar, please find the link to its recording: The webinar slides can be accessed here.

LifeofReCAP Webinarshot

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the FCDO, our partners and other stakeholders for their valued contributions to achieving such impactful results over the past six years!

The ReCAP Team

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