Safe and sustainable transport for rural communities
Safe and sustainable transport for rural communities

Rural Access is Vital

Transport is fundamental to economic growth and the delivery of basic services. Low volume roads are the principal form of transport in the rural parts of most low-income countries. People require access to reach basic services and all kinds of economic and social opportunities. However, an estimated one billion people live further than 2 km from an all-season road. Isolated communities are often left behind in development.

The overall objective of the UK aid-funded Research for Community Access Partnership (ReCAP) is to improve accessibility of the rural poor in Africa and Asia to economic opportunities and social facilities through improvements to infrastructure and transport. The immediate focus is on strengthening the evidence base on more cost effective and reliable low volume road and transport services approaches, thereby influencing policy and practice. ReCAP focuses its activities on Africa and Asia, through the Africa (AfCAP) and Asia (AsCAP) Community Access Partnerships respectively, and builds on previous UK aid-funded research programmes. 

Rural Access is Vital

We are pleased to provide you with an update on the software and changes in the procedure to download the latest version from the upgraded ReCAP website. We are also keen to share with you the outcome of further developments in DCP-DN technology that have led to the development of a generic manual on Pavement Design of Low Volume Roads using the DCP-DN Method.

Updated software

Following developments and enhancements to the DCP-DN design method based on feedback from practitioners over the past eight years, the ReCAP LVR DCP software has been improved and updated to ensure that it remains current and in sync with the design method. The ReCAP LVR DCP v1.00 design software incorporates a User Manual and updates the previous version 1.03 design software. Through the procedure below, you will be able to access the latest version of the software.

New download procedure for the LVR DCP software

The ReCAP website has been upgraded and transferred to different systems. This has impacted the registration and download procedure for the LVR DCP software. The logins that you have been provided in the past no longer work. Instead, you are asked to register again through this page: LVR DCP Software Registration.

Once registered, you will receive an activation link (it might get caught in your spam filter, please verify), after which you will be able to download the software.

Accompanying documentation

A generic DCP-DN design manual entitled Pavement Design of Low Volume Roads using the DCP-DN Method (September 2020) has been developed for wider application, as opposed to the previous use of the manual developed for Malawi in 2013.

Furthermore, an updated user manual for the software has been developed: User Manual for the ReCAP LVR DCP Software v1.00.

Future developments

The ReCAP programme will come to an end on 14 December 2020. We are pleased to inform you that the Council for Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR), South Africa, will continue to provide the software free of charge and enable users to interact and ask questions. You will be informed of the changes once the details have been elaborated and everything has been put in place.


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